Here you will find the suitable PTO generator

A PTO generator is powered by the power take-off (PTO) shaft of a tractor or similar machinery. As a result, PTO generators do not require their own engine, making them significantly more affordable than motorized generators despite their high performance and reliability. The PTO generator is mounted on the tractor using the 3-point hitch and connected to the PTO shaft. When the PTO shaft begins to rotate, it generates electricity for various types of consumers.

All PTO generators come equipped with a voltage, amperage, and frequency meter and are supplied with an RCD (Residual Current Device) and ground spike. The larger models, starting from the AGW AWB4-37X, feature an hour meter and electronic voltage regulation. These generators are commonly used in agriculture, forestry, municipal services, or disaster relief organizations. PTO generators with a speed of 1,500 rpm are referred to as 'slow runners' and are particularly robust and well-suited for continuous operation. Milking machines (computer-controlled or with electronic regulation) have the same requirements for voltage and frequency stability as conventional electric motors and power tools. This means that the supply through our compound or electronically controlled AVR PTO generators is easily achievable. AVR is a protective device that continuously measures the output voltage and regulates it within a narrow band with an accuracy of +/- 1-2% relative to the rated value. The voltage regulator also maintains voltage consistency even during load and speed fluctuations (generator speed >/< 1,500 rpm) or shuts off as needed.

Features and Equipment

The maintenance requirements for all of our PTO generators are very low. All PTO generators we offer are so-called synchronous generators and are suitable for high starting loads. They feature a standard PTO connection (370-430 rpm rated speed), are CE compliant, and come equipped with a control panel. The generators are very robust due to the fixed device frame (chassis) and are easy to install thanks to three practical attachment points for tractor flange mounting.

The rated power of each PTO generator depends on the power of the driving tractor!