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Technical terms from the field of emergency power technology

In the field of power generators, there are specific technical terms that are not commonly known to the general public. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a small, alphabetically sorted generator lexicon at this point. Here, you can find information about any unfamiliar terms. If you have any further questions, you can reach our specialists directly by phone: (030) 36 75 86 – 100.


Starting Current:

Some consumers, especially devices with their own motor, require more energy during startup than during normal operation. For example, the device may indicate "850 W Concrete Mixer" even though you need a generator with approximately 3,000 W to start it. In our selection guide, you will find a table with example values for various consumers.


Some of our generators are equipped with an AVR module (Automatic Voltage Regulator). This electronic control automatically regulates the voltage of the generated power to 50 Hz (+/- 1%), ensuring that even sensitive consumers can be safely powered by the generator.

Asynchronous Generator:

Geräte, wie z.B. Kühlschränke, Fernseher, Glühbirnen, bei denen der Einschaltstrom und Betriebsstrom identisch sind, werden mit asynchronen Stromerzeugern betrieben. Vgl. hierzu auch Synchrongenerator.


Ground Spike:

The galvanized ground spike is used for grounding all power generators. By driving it into the ground, an electrical connection is established between the earth and the connected circuit.



Inverters are electrical devices that compensate for voltage fluctuations, ensuring a constant voltage of 50 Hz. Particularly sensitive appliances, such as televisions, should be used exclusively with Inverter generators to operate, in order to prevent damage to the devices.


Slow Runner:

In the case of so-called slow runners, these are motors that operate at low speeds. As a result, these generators are particularly robust, durable, and suitable for continuous operation. Especially in the field of Power Take-Off Generator this term is used for motors with a speed of less than 1,500 rpm.


Synchronous Generator:

Devices that have their own motor, such as concrete mixers, shredders, lawnmowers, require two to five times the operating current to start and are operated with synchronous generators. In order to provide the required starting energy, these generators briefly run with an overload of three to four times. See also Asynchronous Generator for comparison.

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