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Scheduled maintenance.

... there for you in your darkest hour!


Why maintenance saves you money

Emergency power generators, also known as backup power systems (BPS), are devices used for generating electricity to sustain the power supply for essential consumers in the event of a power grid failure by the utility provider. Automatic start-up and automatic consumer switching are mandatory for all systems that require a backup power system by law.

For the reliable operational readiness of the emergency power generator in case of an emergency, regular maintenance is absolutely necessary. Our high-performing service team is available to you at all times. Our service technicians are specialists in the field of emergency power technology. Whether it's mechanical or electrical, we always have the appropriate solution for your problem.

Just like with your car, regular maintenance is necessary even if the system runs only occasionally or not at all. Without maintenance, the machines literally break down. Condensates form, which contaminate and render the oil unusable. Additionally, regulators can get stuck and hoses can become more porous, leading to significantly more expensive and larger repairs later on.

Almost all engine manufacturers require regular maintenance for new backup power systems, as warranty claims may be voided otherwise. We specialize in maintenance according to manufacturer specifications. Our experience covers a variety of engines from different manufacturers, such as: 

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Environmental protection is important to us

In order to further improve our environmental footprint, we donate a new tree for larger orders and especially for every maintenance contract concluded with you.

Your benefits of regular maintenance.

Maintenance contracts

A maintenance contract simplifies route, deployment, and budget planning, thus saving costs. Additionally, regular maintenance helps detect damages early and allows for cost-effective repairs. Whether it's on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, we schedule and coordinate the appointments with you. We ensure optimal operational readiness of the backup power system while adhering to all legal regulations.

Routine maintenance

HO-MA company is a certified specialist business and can therefore handle all maintenance work for you. We strictly adhere to legal regulations and promptly and professionally take care of any necessary tasks that may arise.

Our qualifications

Our company has been awarded various certificates that authorize us for installation and other work in the field of emergency power technology. Since our establishment in 1993, our team has been committed to continuously optimizing work processes and procedures.

Operating nationwide in Germany

Our service area is covered by four locations in Germany. As a result, our repair and maintenance customers benefit from fast response times and low travel costs. We are also able to quickly respond to emergencies and be on-site as soon as possible.

24-hour emergency service

Our maintenance customers can contact our emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of a breakdown, we will be there for you as quickly as possible. If needed, we can promptly provide one of our 2,000 rental units.

You can reach us here:

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You can reach us here:

Customer Service:
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