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In our Online store for power generators We offer high quality small emergency generators at. Mobile handy power generator and Electric generators are suitable for many purposes in everyday life. If you have a kleines Notstromaggregat kaufenMake yourself independent from a stationary power supply, whether it's for camping, work on the construction site, or for Power generator for single-family homes or mobile Schweißarbeiten Our versatile and powerful compact power generators reliably provide you with the energy you need.

In addition to our small power generators, you can also find HO-MA Notstrom also larger generator sets with a power range of 7.5 to 2,500 kVA. If you're interested in our soundproof power generators in open, hooded, or container design, simply use our Inquiry form.

We are more than happy to meet your consultation request over the phone. Do you only need a power generator for a limited period of time? As an energy specialist, HO-MA Notstrom has been in the business for many years. Rent power generators. active and can draw from a pool of over 2,000 quality generators nationwide.

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  • Wide range of services from 1 to 15 kVA
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  • large selection Gasoline generators and Diesel generators
  • Quiet operation thanks to low noise emissions.
  • long term Manufacturer warranties up to 3 years
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How to find the right power generator.

The choice of the right power generator depends primarily on the required power. Before purchasing a backup generator, you should determine the power needs of the devices that will be operated simultaneously with the model. While a drill and a circular saw together require about 2,300 watts, a single compressor often has a power requirement of 6,000 watts. In our "Generator Selection Guide" section, we provide you with a clear table that shows the power requirements for specific devices. Additionally, you will find information about other factors to consider when selecting a power generator.

Small generators are perfect for use on construction sites, where compact, portable power sources are needed. Camping, during outdoor activities or as a backup power supply in the event of a power outage. They offer high performance while being compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and use.

For resistive loads, the generator's power should be about a quarter higher than the required amount to ensure it can deliver sufficient power even under heavy loads. For example, for a hotplate with 800 watts, approximately 1000 watts would be required. Inductive loads require four times as much power as resistive loads because they have a high initial current demand when switched on. In our online shop, we offer you the option to search for suitable models using filter settings and to directly purchase your desired backup generator as a diesel-powered unit.
There are different types of small emergency generators. The most commonly used emergency generators are diesel generators, gasoline generators, and gas generators. In addition, there are also so-called inverter emergency generators, which are slightly more expensive but offer better performance in some aspects.
For regular use, such as on construction sites, it is advisable to purchase a diesel-powered backup generator. With these generators, fuel costs are significantly lower than with gasoline-powered ones. Additionally, diesel generators are generally considered to be less maintenance-intensive and typically have a longer service life. In our online shop, we offer you the option to search for suitable models using filter settings and to directly purchase your desired backup generator as a diesel-powered unit.
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