Particulate filter

We produce soot particle filters for stationary engine systems with engines ranging from 5 to 3,000 kW in power. For safety-critical systems, the filters are equipped with an automatically controlled safety bypass. We do not manufacture standard products; each filter system is custom-designed and tailored to the operator's system. We are also happy to perform exhaust backpressure calculations for the entire exhaust system. Our soot particle filters are suitable for emergency power generators, peak load systems, diesel combined heat and power plants (CHP), and inland vessels. Please contact us by phone at (030) 36 75 86 140 or use our inquiry form:

99% separation efficiency

The filters are suitable for the separation of soot and dust particles. The limit value of a maximum of 5 mg/Nm³ or, more recently, 1 mg/Nm³ of soot, as required by environmental authorities (including in Berlin) even for non-permit-requiring systems such as emergency power systems, is adhered to. The separation efficiency is up to 99% of the particle mass. Additionally, a sound insulation of up to 20 dB can be expected. The exhaust backpressure is constantly monitored in all filters. In case the permissible exhaust backpressure for the respective engine is exceeded, a notification is generated. For more information, please visit:

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