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Repair Service

repairs or restoration
of emergency power supply systems

Emergency generator repair

We repair your power generator

As your competent partner in the field of emergency power generators, we are prepared to restore your system as quickly as possible in the event of a problem with your backup power supply. Our factory-trained and certified emergency power technicians from HO-MA Notstrom are stationed throughout Germany, enabling us to assist you promptly. We ensure that you are not left without emergency power during the repair of your generator. We have a wide selection of rental generators available, allowing us to provide you with the necessary power during the repair of your generator or as additional backup power units.

Generator Maintenance: Our Service

Extending the lifespan of your emergency power system is our core expertise, as is our commitment to providing you with first-class service.

  • We offer maintenance, rental, and sales of electric generators all under one roof.
  • Our company takes care of all generators powered by diesel or heating oil. We do not handle gasoline-powered generators. Gasoline is generally difficult to store and is only suitable as fuel for small, potentially portable generators.

Our emergency power technicians are equipped to handle your company's emergency power systems, from maintenance to minor repairs and major overhauls. Our service team is constantly updated with the latest tools and training to ensure that your mission-critical equipment is in highly capable hands, and we can always repair your generator as quickly as possible. We heavily invest in our support resources, so in the event of a generator failure, we are immediately able to provide technicians and temporary power supply.

  • A service technician will be dispatched to your location as quickly as possible in the event of a failure of your emergency power system. We are immediately available for our maintenance contract customers.


The fastest possible problem resolution

If you experience any issues with your emergency power system or if a defect is detected during maintenance, we aim to resolve the cause as soon as possible. Naturally, we will provide you with a free and non-binding quote beforehand. With a large inventory of spare parts, your system can be up and running again in no time. In the event that a specific manufacturer's spare part is not readily available, our extensive supplier network allows us to react promptly and repair the generator.

  • We can promptly service electric generators after an inspection.
  • We carry out the repair of your device professionally.


All services at a glance

  • Inspection and repair of power generators.
  • Regular maintenance work.
  • Conversions and other work in the field of emergency power technology.
  • Generator 24-hour emergency service for our maintenance contract customers.
  • Fast delivery of spare parts.
  • Use of rental generators during maintenance.
  • In 2021, over 2300 emergency power supply systems under management.


Modernization and conversions

If your system no longer meets the state of the art in 2021 or if you are planning to expand your switchgear, for example, for grid parallel operation in the future, we offer our comprehensive service specifically for conversion and modernization measures.

Routine maintenance

HO-MA GmbH is a certified specialist company and can therefore take care of all maintenance work for you. We strictly adhere to legal regulations and promptly and professionally handle any necessary tasks that may arise. Learn more about maintenance.

Our qualifications

Our company has been awarded various certificates that authorize us for installation and other work in the field of emergency power technology. Since our establishment in 1993, our team has been committed to continuously optimizing work processes and procedures. Our qualifications

Operating nationwide in Germany

If you are in search of a competent maintenance partner, you have come to the right place. Our service area is covered by four locations in Germany. As a result, our repair and maintenance customers benefit from quick response times and low travel costs. In case of emergencies, we are on-site as quickly as possible. Additionally, on our website, you will find more information regarding such situations. Our area of operation

24-hour emergency service

Our maintenance contract customers can contact our emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of a disruption, we will be available to assist you as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will promptly provide one of our 2,700 rental power generators. Simply provide your name, postal code, and street when contacting us by phone, or leave us a message with your details.


How do you perform fault diagnosis on a power generator?

  • First, the oil level is checked. Are the indicators on the device correct? The engine oil needs to be changed annually, even if your power generator has not been run or has been run only minimally.
  • The coolant is also checked. We test the engine coolant for correct pH levels and freezing points during each inspection visit, but we can recommend changing it at least every four years.
  • The batteries are the most important aspect in diagnosing issues with your power generator. The batteries of power generators should be replaced every 24 to 30 months.




Is there an emergency service?

Contact us by phone: We provide our maintenance contract customers with a 24-hour emergency service for generator repairs.


If my generator cannot be taken offline, what can I do in case of a repair?

There are cases where a backup generator must remain online at all times, even during repairs. In such a scenario, we offer to install a rental generator on-site to provide backup power to the facility while repairs are being carried out on the existing generator.

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