Mobile light towers - at HO-MA Emergency Power.

In our Online-Shop you will find high-quality and reliable mobile light towers. Our products are perfect for use on construction sites, at events, in agriculture, or in road construction. With our wide range of products, we are capable of offering the suitable mobile light tower for every requirement. Are you looking to buy a metal halide or LED light tower? Then you're at the right place with HO-MA Emergency Power!

Powerful performance at a fair price: An overview of our light towers

Choose a light tower from HO-MA Emergency Power now. Available options include: 

  • Units with 2 to 4 floodlights and a luminous output ranging from 300 to 1,500 watts.
  • Depending on the model, an area of 625 to 4,200 square meters can be illuminated.
  • The units feature an adjustable telescopic mast with a manual or hydraulic lifting system.
  • The masts can be extended from 5 to up to 8.5 meters, depending on the model.
  • Our solutions with integrated generators run very quietly. They generate only a sound pressure of 57 to 58 dB(A) at 7 meters.
  • The tanks hold 112 to 200 liters.
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