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Whether on construction sites in residential areas, while camping in the great outdoors, or anywhere else people might be disturbed by constant noise, in many situations, a generator that operates quietly is necessary. HO-MA Emergency Power has a powerful yet quiet generator in stock for every occasion.


Up to what volume is a generator quiet?

Every internal combustion engine, whether powered by diesel or gasoline, emits sound and thus creates noise. Due to the nature of a power generator, whether for emergency use or otherwise, it's not possible to have a completely silent one due to its construction. However, the use of innovative technology, enclosures, and insulation can significantly reduce the sound emissions and noise generation of a generator. By generally accepted definition, a generator is considered quiet if it has an average sound power level of less than 95 dB(A). Regarding this information, it's important to consider that manufacturers often provide this value measured from a distance of seven meters from the device. Therefore, this value might not be a reliable reference point for using a generator in a residential area, especially during construction work. You should also pay attention to the LWA (sound power level) value. This is an additional measurement that we provide in the respective product descriptions for your convenience. In our "Quiet Generators" category, we exclusively offer devices with a guaranteed sound power level of 62 dB(A) or less, which truly meet the requirements of a quiet generator.

Filter specifically for the right generator (quiet)

Depending on the desired area of ​​application, you have the option of filtering our product portfolio in this category according to various criteria:

Mobile power generators with low noise emissions are available in both diesel and gasoline variants. Gasoline-powered units are more compact, equipped with smaller fuel tanks, lower power output, and manual start. Due to their lighter weight, they are easily portable and versatile in their application. The devices from the manufacturer SDMO exclusively feature robust, durable, long-lasting, and fuel-efficient engines from Kohler, Honda, or Yamaha. For the majority of SDMO power generators, you benefit from a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Super soundproofing for high-performance diesel power generators

The diesel-powered portable emergency generators from the manufacturer SDMO are particularly powerful. Despite their output of up to 5.2 kW (6.5 kVA), the diesel generators of the Silence series achieve low sound pressure emissions of a maximum of 60 dB(A) at a distance of seven meters. Regarding the LWA (sound power level) values, these robust units, with surprisingly low consumption, significantly surpass the permissible limits due to their super soundproofing. As a result, these quiet emergency generators are excellently suited for use on construction sites in residential areas.

Buy (quiet) power generators - we are at your side with advice and action

As a specialized service provider for all matters concerning mobile power supply, we are here to assist you in your purchasing decision. If you are unsure about the power output your device should have, feel free to take a look at our practical Selection guide. Our expert advisors are also available for a personal phone call. You can reach us from Monday to Thursday, 07:00 AM to 04:15 PM, and on Fridays from 07:00 AM to 01:15 PM. Our team of experts is more than happy to assist you!

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