Purchase inverter generators - our practical power solutions.

Buying an inverter generator represents an excellent investment for camping. With such a handy, portable unit, you have access to energy whenever and wherever you need it. This proves especially useful when you're stopping in a location without power outlets. Our reliable and compact generators are also the top choice for off-grid camping and road trips when it comes to power generation.


Compact, portable, and quiet: Inverter generators for your vacation.

Our generators produce only minimal noise emissions, making them perfect for a peaceful camping stay. You don't have to worry about disturbing a neighbor at the campsite or the tranquility of nature. All our inverter generators are soundproofed, significantly surpassing the mandatory LwA sound power limit of 95 dB(A) for many applications, ranging from 60 to 61 dB(A). Last but not least, our devices are fuel-efficient and operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Our inverter generators run on gasoline and consume only 0.9 to 1.3 liters of fuel per hour, depending on the model.

An overview of the features of our inverter generators:

Full power for computers, kitchen appliances, and more thanks to the power generator.

With an inverter generator from HO-MA Notstrom, you're buying power in outlet-quality. Our units provide small devices like laptops, tablets, or hairdryers with optimal energy. Similarly, larger appliances like TVs, coffee machines, or microwaves can be operated in caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to a power generator, you don't have to compromise on comfort during your vacation and can enjoy your free time with all technological conveniences.

Inverter generators: Buy your device now at HO-MA Notstrom!

Order your inverter generator now in our online shop. We offer free shipping for your desired device, delivered in approximately seven days. Are you considering whether to buy an inverter generator and have more questions? We're here to help. Feel free to contact our sales advisory team by phone or use the Contact Form.

Inverter generators: Buy proven quality at HO-MA Notstrom!

Those looking to purchase an inverter generator from HO-MA Notstrom can look forward to a high-quality product. Our devices are powerful, quiet, and feature optimized voltage and frequency stability.

Many "budget generators" produce electricity with minimal voltage and frequency fluctuations. This can sometimes have a negative impact on the devices being powered. Laptops, TVs, or microwaves require a constant voltage and power frequency – otherwise, the technology can potentially be damaged. The generators from HO-MA Notstrom provide a constant power frequency. The inverter technology ensures optimal sine wave output, ensuring flawless and safe operation of your equipment.

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